CTF team of HTWG participates in hack.lu CTF 2015

hack-lu-2015-300x216Almost thirty computer science students from HTWG Konstanz formed a team to participate in the hack.lu CTF competition. The goal of this competition in applied IT security was to solve tasks related to web application security, IT forensics, reverse engineering, cryptography etc. The team from HTWG included students from my classes in IT-Security (Master) and Software Security (Bachelor). Compared to the previous year, the students made a leap forward by more than 100 places and finished with 47th place worldwide.

In total, 531 teams participated and 248 of them scored more than 0 points. HTWG was amonth the top 19% of all active teams. Among universities of applied sciences in Germany HTWG came out best. Teams from KIT in Karlsruhe and TU Munich showed stronger results.

In the ensuing evaluation the students reflected on their new and improved knowledge in the C, Perl, PHP programming languages, in creative thinking, cryptographic mechanisms, code injection, networking, assembly language, and decompilation.